Glass Mosaic Tile – Accent wall mosaics

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Glass mosaic tile adds a different dimension to your kitchen, shower or bathroom in general. In its endless selections and combinations, glass mosaics also provide a timeless design, look and feel to your space and reflects elegance and helps make a subtle, yet bold statement.

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Photo showing 2 inch by 1 inch glass mosaic tile installed vertically in bathroom wall right behind sink vanity top and also showing half the mirror.
This photo features 2×1 brick-joint Sapphire Lagoon mosaic on the bathroom backplash installed vertically.

Complement your design

The interesting thing about glass mosaic tile is that you’re not limited to any one particular style, pattern, or any one specific size or combination for that matter. There are countless ways you can mix, match and blend glass tiles to complement your design and decor of your existing space. Zero boundaries.

This photo below features a sea glass tile that is almost clear. This particular white glass tile is 2 inches by 8 inches and provides a very clean look, especially when used with white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. This tile tends to reflect more light and provide a unique 3 dimensional look when starring right into it.

Glass tile has been around for centuries, but never in the variety of styles, colors and design options we see today. They truly provide a remarkable depth that can attract your sight attention immediately and trap you.

Photo showing a part of the kitchen sink, counter, faucet and classic glass tile backsplash
Features a 2×8 classic glass tile as the backsplash.

Glass Mosaic Ideas

The other awesome aspect of mosaic glass tiles is that many of them have already been matched for you giving you more even more flexibility when it comes to finding the right look. Whether you are looking for a more contemporary glass design, or traditional glass mixed with natural stones, or even glass in combination with natural stone pieces and metals for an bolder statement.

A photo of the Evening Mixer glass mosaic 3 inch by random size blocks displaying different shades of black, grey and white
This is a mixture of 3″ by random size mosaic blocks. A really contemporary modern look with different shades of black, grey and white. Evening Mixer.

Mosaic Inspirations

Every home improvement project must start with great ideas, even when it comes to a glass kitchen backsplash mosaic. Whether you’re taking on the project yourself or hiring a good reputable tile contractor; inspiration, ideas and proper planning are always – always – a must! Below you’ll find some awesome inspirations that can help spark design and layout ideas for your mosaic project.

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Kitchen glass mosaic splashback

How to use glass mosaics

The cool thing about glass mosaics, is that you can use them in several interesting ways, and you are by no means locked into covering entire walls with them!

Full backsplash

If you do have a simple, minimalist kitchen, with very light or warm colors, you can create an added punch by covering your entire splashback area with glass mosaics. The above photo shows this layout option, except these cabinets are darker, so the backsplash doesn’t “pop-out” as much, and sort of blends in with the cabinets, but still provides a nice traditional and contemporary look.

Backsplash accents

You also have the option of using glass mosaics to create accents in your splash back. If you have a wall that you want to set as an interest point, you can cover it with mosaics creating a full accent wall. If you can add lighting under the cabinets, even better! This will really make your back splash stand out.

Backsplash Borders

Parts and pieces of glass mosaics are also commonly used to create borders around a special point of interest, for example, to surround a specially hand crafted or custom created tile that you want people’s eyes to focus in on.

Shower wall accents

Of course this is another way to bring elegance to a shower, by creating a 4 to 6 inch glass mosaic accent around eye-level. This accent can become much more prominent if illuminated with light from the ceiling (sometimes this set up is possible for home owners). The goal here is to provide ideas.

Photo of 1 inch by 1 inch green mix of glass mosaic tiles

Showing a combination of blue colored glass mosaic tiles in different sizes

A photo showing random sizes of red and orange glass mosaics
A beautiful assortment of red and orange colored glass mosaics in a series of random sizes. This is a Sunset Path.

A photo showing the classic 1 inch by 1 inch square glass mosaics with a transparent light blue

An image showing 1 inch black hexagon mosaics made of glass
An elegant chain of 1 inch hexagon black glass mosaics. Matte Ebony provides a modern feel to any backsplash or shower floor.
This image shows an angle of 1 inch glass hexagons installed on a floor
Here’s a nice close up photo of the 1 inch hexagon glass mosaics to spark ideas and inspiration.

A photo showing a variation of different size glass light brown mosaic wall tiles

A photo showing a sheet of wall glass mosaic tiles in different dark and grey colors

This image shows 1 inch by 1 inch pure white glass mosaic tiles
This clear white glass tile is elegantly named Ice White and comes in 3 inch by random sizes and provides a clean look and easy maintenance alternative.

A photo showing 1 inch by 2 inch rectangular glass mosaics in different colors

There are tons of other options when it comes to glass mosaics. Visit our tile showroom and store for more ideas and inspirations for your project. Or simply give us a call at 301.291.5741 (you don’t need an appointment, just show up!).

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