Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Mosaic Tiles

Since 1996

We’ve always stood for excellence; providing great value, service, quality, and craftsmanship, have all been pillars of our business. What lies at the foundation of these pillars is customer experience. Therefore, ultimately, creating an awesome experience for our customers has been the catalyst for our success since 1996.

These standards now serve as the groundwork¬†for AMG Home Products. We decided to adopt and apply these same principles to our products. In other words, we want to keep creating awesome experiences, provide awesome quality and deliver great value to our customers… except now through our products!


Currently we offer a vast line of tile products, setting materials, kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as custom granite and quartz countertops. Very soon we’ll be incorporating cabinetry, faucets as well as tile installation materials. We also plan to carry many other products in the near future.

Our goal is to help homeowners visualize and streamline their home remodeling projects by not having to worry about driving around selecting or picking up materials. We try and create the perfect environment to allow you to explore ideas, visualize the outcome, and select the right materials.

We do this by offering a vast selection of products and samples through our website, through photos, through social media, and also by creating the perfect laid-back, easygoing, zero pressure atmosphere in our showroom. You are always welcome to come in, relax, have some coffee, and find inspiration. We’ll never lack ideas or suggestions for your project.

We understand how difficult it is to embark on any home improvement project, and we respect you for that. Whether you’re performing the work yourself or hiring a local contractor, the headaches are always there, regardless, and our goal is to help alleviate that stress.

Showroom Location

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our showroom¬†in order to provide an environment that encourages ideas, brainstorming, imagination, visualization and also displays beautiful home improvement products.

A panoramic image of a tile showroom showing some tile displays, banners, layout island and flat screen tv
A panoramic photo of the front part of our tile showroom in Beltsville Maryland. We have an 11,000 square foot facility and warehouse here. We encourage you to stop by and visit us.